COVID-19 Ontrade Business Impact Report

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A recent survey of the on-trade (pubs, bars and restaurants) by ontrade data specialists Caterlyst shows, despite the hugely detrimental impact on profits that COVID-19 restrictions have inevitably created, many business owners remain hopeful for the future: 29% are confident that their businesses can survive the outbreak and another 29% see their businesses possibly continue to thrive after lockdown. However, support from banks and insurance companies are heavily criticised.

Caterlyst, as the leading provider of insights in the on-trade sector, remains committed to supporting our clients and the sector as a whole, by providing an accurate lens on current business challenges and reflecting leaders’ hopes and aspirations for the future.





  1. Can your business can survive the COVID-19 outbreak?
  2. Are you still open for business in any way?
  3. Are you likely to continue or offer these after the current lockdown period?
  4. Have you contacted your landlord to request a rent reduction/rent holiday?
  5. Have you, or do you intend to lay off or furlough staff as a result of COVID-19?
  6. Have your suppliers been helpful in supporting you?
  7. What are you doing about paying suppliers?
  8. Have you made any of your staff redundant? If so, how many?
  9. How many of your staff have you furloughed?
  10. How has your revenue changed this March compared to last March?
  11. What social distancing measures have you implemented in your operation?
  12. Have you had to change your menu and service range in response to COVID-19?
  13. What food and drink products are difficult to get hold of right now?
  14. What new ideas/innovations have you implemented as a result of COVID-19?
  15. What advice and guidance would you like to receive from suppliers?
  16. What are your next steps as a business?
  17. How useful is the government’s £330bn loan pledge for your business?
  18. Have you tried to secure a CBILS (loan support) via your bank?
  19. Any comments on your experience?
  20. Have you tried to claim for Business Interruption Insurance?
  21. If you tried to claim, how was your experience?

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