Power BI Report – Market Summary – Universities

This BI report is updated daily with the latest information, giving you the opportunity to break down the market into actionable insights or targeted strategic campaigns for your sales teams to take action on.

£1,500.00 (excl. VAT)

What Can You Expect From Our Live Power BI Reports?

Caterlyst’s Power BI report allows you to analyse and segment live University Sector data.  You can create a data-driven culture, where decisions rely on evidence, rather than hearsay or conjecture.

You Can Access:

  • Live data that is constantly updated
  • Granular, fully interactive information
  • A comprehensive site list and addresses, linked to Google Maps


Be Better Informed with University Sector Data that Includes:

  • Information on over 175 main sites, with 2.4 Million students
  • Details of over 1,500 outlets, including restaurants, cafes and coffee shops
  • Breakdown by in-house or contract catering


Bringing Data to Life

Static data tables can be hard to interpret, but Power BI visualises the data, so you can quickly see and source the information that you really need.

Example Filters:

  • Location, by region
  • Student Numbers
  • Identity of Wholesale Supplier


A Caterlyst Power BI Report will transform your business planning, marketing and sales activity, creating positive outcomes and adding real value to your business.

Reports cost just £1,500 ex. VAT for 12 months of access